Skill Videos

Here is a collection of the most frequently asked for nursing skills by nurse assistant students. There are additional videos available on our YouTube Channel , so check back for updates! If you can’t wait and would like me to demonstrate a specific skill, subscribe to the blog for full video content.

Make sure to post any questions or comments you have!

  1. How to put on T.E.D hose, or “Knee High Elastic Stockings”


2. Measuring & Recording Urinary Output (The ‘ins and outs’)


3. Perineal Care for a Female Patient 


4. Catheter Care for a Female Patient


5. Cleaning Dentures



The skill steps above follow closely with PearsonVue 2018 Candidate Handbook


Hi! I'm Nerissa, RN, BSN. I teach at a nursing assistant training program in Washington state. I work as an nurse educator and love to travel, hang out with my dog, and write in my free time.

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