Japanese Nursing Homes and the Nurse Assistant

Guest Op-Ed 

Ever wonder how different a nursing home is in other countries?

Japan seems to have the corner market on staff engagement, senior technology, and medical art. After watching this video, you might start to view your own long-term care facility differently. Thats what I love about nursing though – the ability to constantly create and change the way things are done.

What if things never changed? Well, we might still be amputating legs because of minor cuts and not washing our hands during surgery. Thanks to a great nurse however, things changed. And they continue to do so!

One way things have changed is in the use of technology. In Japan, the use of medical technology is everywhere. From robots to shower chairs, you can find technology in all aspects of care. While we won’t get into why that is so important, it is interesting to think about your role as a nursing assistant and how you view about change.

selective focus photo of gray metal folding walker
Photo by rawpixel.com on Pexels.com


Just consider all the good work nurses do and how innovations (or change) in healthcare can really improve the quality of life for your patients. And next time you have a good idea about how to change something, speak up!

Your patients are waiting. 

Author: CNAstudent.com

Hi! I'm Nerissa, RN, BSN. I teach at a nursing assistant training program in Washington state. I work as an nurse educator and love to travel, hang out with my dog, and write in my free time.

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